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Video Transcript


[FAIR Program logo shown on screen]


[scene of office workers smiling and clapping hands]


[woman speaking] The FAIR Program is a community outreach initiative dedicated to helping local homeowners through difficult mortgage situations. 

[man speaking] FAIR stands for Freedom, Accountability, Independence, and Responsibility.

[woman speaking] We have an incredible team of experienced professionals with a background in mortgage financing, foreclosure prevention, and loan modification assistance.


[scene of office workers sitting at desks working on computers]

Our goal is to make sure you leave the FAIR Program better off than when you started.

[man speaking directly to camera] Education is everything. When you move forward making a decision out of factual information and logic through education, you truly have the upper hand. 

[sequence of shots of employees working at desks]

[woman speaking] We have assembled a team of uniquely experienced subject matter experts that have created a full arsenal of foreclosure prevention tools.


[woman speaking directly to camera] There's no other company out there that does what we do, with the level of integrity and passion that we have.


[shot of employees working at desks] The best part is, our investment company subsidizes all the costs so that you don't pay us anything when getting your loan modified with our assistance.


[woman speaking directly to camera] We understand that you may have already spent thousands of dollars with attorneys and modification companies that do charge. Not us. Don't bring your credit card, don't bring your wallet, just bring five percent of your trust, and we're confident we can earn the remaining ninety-five percent. 

[shot of FAIR Program logo]

Hablamos español y estamos aquí para ayudarte!


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