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FAIR Program Services


FAIR Program offers a wide variety of services to Los Angeles County homeowners. Our fully subsidized Consultants are available to help you solve any issue at hand and get you into a better financial position. Our ultimate goal is to help homeowners get back on track.   

Reinstatement Plans


Forbearance Agreements

With this option, you and your lender agree to temporarily suspend or reduce your monthly mortgage payments for a specific period of time. This option lets you deal with your short-term financial problems by giving you time to get back on your feet and bring your mortgage current. 



Reinstatement Plans


An agreement between you and your lender that lets you pay the past due amount over a specified time period to bring your mortgage current. This typically means a slightly higher payment for a short-term but is a great option to get you out of foreclosure if you endured a temporary hardship in the past.



Extended Terms


Many modifications allow for extended terms to your existing loan. For instance, re-amortizing your current loan over a 40-year term will provide some payment relief on a monthly basis. This is a great option because it gives you some flexibility to make a lower payment, but does not prevent you from paying additional amounts to the principal if you want to pay your loan off in a shorter period of time. 



Interest Rate Reductions

A simple option of lowering your interest rate may solve your issue. If your current rate is above market, you may have an option of reducing your interest and payments without going thru a full refinance. A modification is ideal because you get the benefits of a refinance without adding additional closing costs (title, escrow, lender fees, etc.) to your principal balance. 



Modification Decline Appeals


There are 3 main reasons for a declined loan modification. At FAIR Program, we will help you to minimize your chance of being declined for any of them.


  1. Incorrect Paperwork - At FAIR Program, nothing bothers us more than seeing someone lose their home because he or she have failed to complete their modification paperwork correctly. It's not a complicated process, but homeowners don't specialize in the application process. Our counselors will help you complete the paperwork free of charge and all applications go thru a secondary review prior to submission to make sure nothing is missed.  

  2. Income - The second reason for modification declines it too much or too little income. FAIR counselors know what banks are looking for when it comes to this evaluation. We'll provide you with the highest chance of qualifying by including items like non-borrower contributors when appropriate. Paying attention to details will give you the highest chance of approval. 

  3. Net Present Value - When a lender believes you have a lot of equity on paper, they may be less inclined to provide a modification approval. At FAIR, we help to ensure the actual value of your home is presented to the bank.  



Sale Date Postponement


FAIR Program consultants are experienced in postponing auction dates. We can push back the sale date of your property to give you the time you need to stabilize your situation.



Relocation Assistance


In the event you need to relocate, the FAIR Program will connect you with the perfect place to call home. We offer financial assistance for qualified customers as well as relocation advising, planning, and more.





FAIR Program works with several internally certified attorneys to help homeowners with legal protection.  One option to stop foreclosure is to file Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy includes a powerful legal tool called the “automatic stay.” The automatic stay stops any collection actions against you, including repossession, collection lawsuits, and foreclosures. The banks won’t be able to touch your home while you go through the bankruptcy process.


Depending on the type of bankruptcy you choose to file, you may be able to catch up your mortgage through your bankruptcy plan payments. Remember that you can step in at any point along the California foreclosure timeline to stop the process, right up until the auction itself. It’s not too late to save your home.



Legal Protection


FAIR Program works with several internally certified attorneys to help homeowners with legal protection as well. When your home is at stake, sometimes it's required to fight back. FAIR Program Consultants will help you assess your situation, and match you with an attorney that can evaluate your case further.



Surplus Funds


A mortgage is typically null, or “voidable” after a foreclosure. Any equity in the property legally belongs to the homeowner.  Under California law, when a property is sold at an auction for more than what was the amount left on a mortgage, the additional balance is known as “surplus funds.” The previous owner of the property is legally entitled to obtain all the additional funds resulting from the sale of the foreclosed property. FAIR Program is highly experienced in assisting homeowners with the collection of such funds. 



FAIR Program has been helping homeowners in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas avoid foreclosure for over a decade. Our program is fully subsidized so leave your checkbook at home.  Contact us today, to get started.


Extended Terms
Interest Rate Reductions
Modification Appeals
Sale Date Postponement
Relocatin Assistane
Bankruptcy Protection
Legal Protectin
Surplus Funds
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